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Bobs Rigging & Crane Handbook the Revised & Expanded Eigth/8th Edition.Bob's Rigging and Crane Handbook 9th Edition

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Bob's Rigging and Crane Handbook the Revised and Expanded Ninth/9th Edition. This handbook contains new and updated information of wire rope, slings, rigging, fittings, cranes, weight tables, OSHA regulations, ASME industry standards. This book contains over 270 pages of necessary information for the rigger, crane operator, engineer, field superintendent, and safety director. New and updated information is provided on rigging, equipment and capacity load charts, practical tips for safely handling loads and important information on the types. setup, and use of mobile cranes. The rigger and crane operator will find this book very practical in applying easy to understand rigging principles and the engineer will find all pertinent information on wire rope, slings, fittings, and load calculations and the field superintendent will have information on directing safe and efficient field operation, and the safety director will have available tools necessary to establish and follow safe practices according to OSHA and ASME/ANSI regulations and standards. This handbook covers the following topics: Basic math in calculating weights, center of gravity and sling loads. Chain fall tension when drifting loads. Capacity charts for all types of slings - now including high strength fiber slings and higher strength slings for wire rope, chain, and flat bodied fiber slings. Updated and complete wire rope types and breaking strengths - including regular wire rope constructions, rotation-resistant designs, compacted strand constructions, and plastic-coated wire rope. Rigging hitches, practical tips for rigging and rigging hardware. Rigging safety rules and rules of thumb. Mobile cranes - principles, types and guidelines for use. Structural and stability limitations of mobile cranes. Mobile crane rules of thumb. Critical lift plans. OSHA Regulations and ASME industry standards. Bob's rigging and crane handbook

Bob's Overhead Crane and Rigging HandbookBob's Overhead Crane and Rigging Handbook



Bob's Overhead Crane and Rigging Handbook 3rd Edition for Industrial Operations. This handbook contains the same basics on wire rope, slings, fittings, rigging, hitches, OSHA and ASME/ANSI regulations and codes as in the Bob's rigging and crane handbooks, except this now focuses on overhead and gantry cranes, In addition to these listed basics, this handbook covers the following topics on overhead cranes: Types and terminology of overhead cranes. Inspection procedures and check lists. Reeving systems. Hoist limit switches. Inspection of hoist and load chains. Overhead crane safety rules. Overhead crane hand signals. Rigging Safety Rules Rigging slings, hitches and hardware Basic math in calculating weights, center of gravity and sling loads. Bob's overhead crane and rigging handbook.


Rigging Reference Cards

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Our rigging reference cards are a valuable small tool to easily teach individuals crane hand signals, and use of rigging capacity charts. I've designed these new rigging cards with shackles, wire rope slings, web-two eyed slings, polyester round slings, ASME crane hand signals. Good verbal crane signals and standard hand crane signals are a must for safe crane operations. The cards are high quality printed, Laminated and scored for easy folding for your wallet. Included with the cards are 2-5/8 x 3-3/4, 2 mil. Polyethylene sleeves per card.

Crane and Construction Training CD's

Crane and Construction Training CD's

Welcome the Hard Hat Training Series. These CD's and all of its materials have been developed and used by our professional trainers out in the field. They are now available to be used and adapted to your companies needs. They can be used as is, or you may customize them to fit your company, worksite and equipment. Slides can be added or deleted, pictures and content may be changed. We encourage this specialization, but you need to be careful not to leave out required training content. Also, if a change is made to the presentation, you may need to make a corresponding change to the student manual. Take time before giving a class to familiarize yourself with all of the materials and decide in advance which changes you may like to make. We provide safety training for the following equipment: Sit Down Forklift | Stand Up Forklift | Telescopic Handler | Loader / Backhoe | Boom Truck | Aerial Lift / Scissor Lift | Dock Mounted Crane | RoughTerrain Crane | Overhead Crane | Confined Space | Vehicle Mounted Aerial Platform (Bucket Truck) | Trench Safety | Excavator | Articulated Boom Truck

Wireless Crane Anemometers:

The Crane Store is a authorized distributor for Load Systems International/LSI crane instruments that are affordable yet highly accurate instruments.


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Safety standards for the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of jacks, cranes, monorails, derricks, hoists, hooks, slings, and cableways; and specification standards for hoists.)Revised ASME Y14.5 - 2009 Standard on GD & T: Long-awaited and Finally Here!

Bob's Overhead Crane & Rigging Handbook Bob's Rigging & Crane Handbook Seventh Edition



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