About Us

My name is Bruce Maes, partners with my wife Cheryl of 38 years. Our company started mid year 2006. As a crane operator and 46 years in the Operating Engineers Local # 3, I'm now retired. I'm trying to furnish the good people of the trades much needed safety training to make everyones job safer and easier.

We are distributors for Wireless Crane Anemometers, a fine line of high-quality wireless anemometer instrumentation for crane safety, monitoring wind and weather conditions during critical lifts or just your job site. The anemometer mounts on or near the tip of the boom for accurate wind data wear it matters. We still offer a variety of reference materials, such as Bob's rigging and crane handbook, Bobs overhead crane and rigging handbook, desktop and pocketbook versions, also in Spanish. Rigger/Rigging Reference Cards. Our rigging cards have Asme standard hand crane signals, and rigging information you need, also in Spanish. Our cards are a great additional resource for reference information. We now carry Spanish versions also. Our rigging reference cards have pertinent information for everyday use in the field. It is our goal to supply you with the finest reference materials you need to help cut down on accidents and make your job a safer one.

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